We are fair fashion

We developed our first collection with a very specific goal in mind: to play an active role in making fashion more responsible.

At Native Spirit, we develop pieces that are designed to last. Our commitment is the promise of a range of unique and sustainable pieces that meet ethical and demanding criteria. We are particularly keen on creating collections of responsible products and are committed to a long-term relationship with you. And with the planet.
When creating our collections, our teams are motivated by a desire to develop products that meet a united and sustainable vision, designed from eco-friendly, recycled or organic materials.
Our promise includes the labels and certifications awarded to our items, fabric sheets that explain the manufacture and origin of the fibres in our products, a dedicated colours page to give you guidance and inspiration, our key figures to help you better understand our commitments, and finally, our involvement in the choice of partners in our production process.


We are committed both to you and to nature, to our customers and future customers, to developing and creating unique collections to suit you and your needs. We have decided to focus on designing high-quality basics made from eco-responsible, recycled and organic materials. Our challenge is to offer consumers keen to engage with us eco-responsible products that don’t compromise on quality, style or comfort. We want to produce collections that are as clean as possible, in an environment and with partners who care about respecting people and nature.

It’s the start of a colourful adventure!

Native Spirit is aimed at textile professionals, communications agencies and personalisation experts. Our distribution is based on partners who share our vision of responsible fashion.

Ethical labels

Organic 100

Organic Content Standard No. 165651 certificate issued by Ecocert Greenlife. Items that contain a minimum of 95% organic raw materials.

Organic blended content standard

Organic Content Standard No. 165651 certificate issued by Ecocert Greenlife. Items that contain a minimum of 5% organic raw materials blended with conventional or synthetic raw materials.

Recycled Blended Claim Standard

Recycled Content Standard certificate No. 165651 issued by Ecocert Greenlife. Items designed with a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 95% recycled raw materials blended with other raw materials.


The RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) is a voluntary international standard that addresses animal welfare on sheep farms and throughout the wool chain of custody from certified farms to the finished product.


Global Organic Textile Standard. The strictest certification in organic fibre textiles, from harvesting the raw materials to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing.

Global Recycled Standard

The GRS standard aims to check the recycled content of intermediate and finished products. This is to ensure that company manufacturing processes as well as social and environmental practices are sustainable and responsible. It guarantees the rigorousness and accuracy of the certification awarded.


TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG. Modal and Lyocell are both fabrics produced by TENCEL™.


STANDARD 100 certificate issued by OEKO-TEX® - Accreditations No. CQ 1007/7 and No. CQ 1007/8. Guarantees the absence of any harmful substances or those that may pose a threat to human health or the environment.


Expertise Vegan Europe, better known under the EVE VEGAN label (a registered trademark), is an international control and labelling organisation specialised in vegan products, i.e. animal friendly and excluding any animal-derived products.


Sorona® is a partially plant-based polymer. A new and innovative material, it used in the padding of our down jackets and is an eco-responsible alternative to replace fur or other animal feather paddings. Sorona® is a trademark registered by Affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc. used under licence.

In Colours we trust

The pieces in our collection are available in a wide range of colours directly inspired by nature and the landscapes we love so much.

Sustainable materials

Good Materials

Because eco-responsibility begins with choosing the materials used in the composition of our products, we have designed a range of basics made from recycled and organic materials that respect our planet. Eco-friendly is the selection criteria when we choose the materials that make up and will continue to make up your Native Spirit products. We are currently researching and working on the eco-responsible materials of the future such as hemp, cork and jute.

Considering people & planet

Made with care

Made with care

Made with care

At Native Spirit, we’re not aiming to change the world. We know it’s difficult to make 100% of our textile manufacturing Europe based. We also know that the countries in which fashion and the textiles industry have been based for years would suffer from a massive and sudden decline in demand from manufacturing plants.

Our partners are chosen carefully for the quality of their work, of course, but above all for their involvement in respecting human rights and nature. This is why we have built relationships based on trust with our partner factories, which have been carefully selected for their social, ethical and environmental commitments. This is fundamental for us.

Our commitment is about ethics, responsibility and quality.

We have chosen to base most of our production in Bangladesh, India, China and Italy. 70% of our garments are made in factories in Bangladesh. Our local office carries out regular audits of all our partner factories to ensure the quality of our products as well as good working conditions for workers. We have taken care to select partners certified by organisations such as SEDEX, BSCI and WRAP to ensure that social and ethical rules are applied and followed.