At Native Spirit, our aim is to offer sustainable, high-quality pieces while minimising our impact on the environment. The choice of materials used in the design of our clothing is essential to ensure a responsible production process. Cotton is a natural plant fibre surrounding cotton plants. It is the world’s most produced natural textile fibre, especially in the textile industry.

Organic cotton growing is more ethical and environmentally friendly than conventional cotton growing, therefore we have chosen to use organic cotton in our clothing design.

The cotton textile industry is the second most polluting industry after oil. Cotton accounts for around 40% of global textile production. Organic cotton is the eco-friendly alternative to traditional cotton. It is grown ecologically from natural compost which replaces chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Organic cotton is grown without GMOs in order to prevent harm to the ecosystems around the production fields or damage to the biodiversity of animal species.

As well as being as comfortable and resistant as conventional cotton, organic cotton also allows us to save considerable quantities of our most precious resource: water.

Native Spirit: organic cotton
Native Spirit: organic cotton

Around 2500 litres of water are needed to produce a classic cotton T-shirt compared with just 100 litres for an organic cotton T-shirt. 2500 litres of water is equivalent to 70 showers.

Why the big difference? The natural fertilisers used in organic cotton production keep the organic soil healthy and productive and retain water and moisture more easily in the ground.

Not only does traditional cotton production sap our resources, but the production process accounts for 25% of insecticides used worldwide.

All chemical products used in cotton growing destroy our ecosystem and severely pollute the land. You get the point: organic cotton is fairer, healthier and more natural.

It consumes fewer resources, is more sustainable and less harmful to the environment and health.

Our organic cotton clothing is soft and resistant too.

Softer and more supple, organic cotton fibres are also thicker and non-allergenic. Organic cotton has particularly solid fibres, resulting in robust and sustainable clothing.

So, are you convinced by organic cotton?

If in doubt, consult the Ethical Labels section in OUR PROMISE which sets out the certification guaranteeing the organic or recycled fibre composition of our clothing.

Native Spirit: organic cotton