Did you know? Hemp is a natural fibre from the cannabinaceae family. It comes from the “Cannabis Sativa”, a plant with the ability to adapt perfectly to different soils and climates. Not to be confused with its famous cousin, cannabis!

What exactly is hemp?

It grows very rapidly, in just 3 months, and consumes very little water (4 times less than cotton). From seeds to stalks and hemp hurd (hemp “straw”), every part of the plant is used after harvesting. With annual production of 48,264 tonnes, France is the leading producer of hemp textile, ahead of China. Hemp is now grown for many different applications: insulation, paper, textiles, mulch for animals, edible oils and even cosmetics.

This natural material is highly valued by ethical fashion brands which use it to replace industrial chemical materials. It is therefore an obvious step for us to offer you this material in our jackets. Hemp is fully in line with our commitment to produce high-quality, clean and responsible garments with a low environmental impact.

Native Spirit
Native Spirit

A sustainable material

Contrary to what you might think, hemp is a natural fibre that has been used in the textile industry for centuries. Today, hemp is used mainly in the cosmetics sector, as well as in ethical fashion. Hemp is, currently, the most eco-friendly natural material in the textile market! Why? Because no pollution is created during its cultivation or transformation into fabric (isn't that amazing?).

Interesting fact: hemp grows according to the same principle as weeds. It needs no irrigation, it is resistant to insects and most diseases. It requires no, or very little, fertiliser and pesticides to grow. The only chemical products used are not harmful for the workers who handle them and do not pollute the crops.

More than a material, an eco-friendly solution

What is the advantage? Hemp has the special feature of regenerating the soil in which it grows, thanks to the CO2 it stores in the earth. Hemp was the logical continuation of the Native Spirit story.

Offering you increasingly sustainable solutions to design even more innovative garments is the aim that inspires us every day.

Native Spirit

A hard-wearing material

Hemp also allows us to offer you a soft and durable fabric that is kind to the skin. Its production process is non-polluting and this makes it a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Choosing Native Spirit also means choosing to transform the textile industry's impact on the planet. In short, hemp makes it possible to produce clothing that is ethical in all respects. Natural, biodegradable, kind to the skin and, above all, sustainable; what are you waiting for to switch to hemp?