At Native Spirit, we don’t think of eco-responsibility as merely a fad. We don’t want our project to be associated with moralising discourse, but instead see it as a way to open up opportunities for alternatives to textile consumption. We have sowed the seeds and ideas, developing creativity and working together, motivated by the desire to become the very best version of ourselves.

We reject eco-friendly fashion that is drab or stamped with judgement. We will never claim to be perfect. Through our collections, the Native Spirit team would like to share our light-hearted, carefree but committed approach with you, in full transparency. Read our trend articles to discover the colour and style inspirations that fill our daily lives and feed our desire to be ever more creative.

Kids collection

A collection inspired by grown-ups. Colourful. Responsible. Inspired. Comfortable, minimalist organic cotton, linen and pieces made from recycled waste.
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Kids collection Kids collection

Linen collection

Discover our selection of linen and cotton items. Clothing that combines comfort, elegance and eco-responsibility, in plain colours or, for the first time, floral prints.
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Linen collection Linen collection

Pink shades

Discover a pink world of soft and bright shades! Pick the shade that suits you best with our eco-friendly 100% no label pieces!
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Pink shades Pink shades


The Terry Towel collection. A collection 100% made in Portugal. True to the Native Spirit identity: colourful, lightweight and fun.
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Raw Natural

RAW NATURAL, a Native Spirit shade designed entirely without colouring so as to be part of a more responsible fashion industry.
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Raw Natural Raw Natural


The Recycled Collection. Recycle to be a better consumer. Iconic. Responsible. Inspired. Comfortable, minimalist pieces made from recycled textile waste.
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Shades Of Green

Native Spirit has put green, a symbol of hope and nature, in the spotlight for its latest collections. This botanical colour is available in a wide range of hues and tones, including neon, faded and pastel, with the sole objective of showca...
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Shades Of Green Shades Of Green

The chino

Native Spirit offers a collection of linen and organic cotton chinos. Light, comfortable, hard-wearing and always eco-friendly for a resolutely on-trend look.
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The chino The chino

Sweats LSF

Whether crew neck or hooded, our sweatshirts are LSF. They are carefully made from organic and recycled materials.
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Sweats LSF Sweats LSF