We are

fair fashion

Native Spirit is aimed at textile professionals, communications agencies and personalisation experts. Our distribution is based on partners who share our vision of responsible fashion. 

Our clothes are must-haves. Quality is our standard.

We’ve chosen to go back to basics and bring you hard-wearing, minimalist pieces. At Native Spirit, we’re not looking to create superfluous needs. We want to meet them.

We’ve designed our very first collection from eco-friendly, organic and recycled fabrics to limit pollution and the production of virgin textiles.

We chose to get back to basics in full colour.

Native Spirit is about taking steps in the right direction and designing quality, hard-wearing clothing with a low environmental impact.

All the clothes in our collection are completely customisable with no label and delivered in recycled boxes.

Our commitment is reflected in the aim of a visionary, creative and socially conscious team to create and design on-trend and environmentally friendly clothing.

We came up with the idea, now it's up to you.