Kids collection

A collection inspired by grown-ups. Colourful. Responsible. Inspired. Comfortable, minimalist organic cotton, linen and pieces made from recycled waste.

Native Spirit offers a collection of kids' clothing inspired by our iconic pieces, for an ultra-trendy, comfortable and casual look !

The items in the Kids' collection are made mainly of organic cotton. Soft, resistant and durable, this is undeniably the favourite fibre of children and adults alike! And since the youngest generation is often the most committed to protecting the planet, the selection also features recycled cotton and polyester !

Available in a wide variety of shades. Discover vibrant colours such as Antique Rose, le Hibiscus Red or le Pineapple as well as softer and more natural shades such as Mineral Grey, Ivory or Raw Natural. Because young children are also entitled to a colourful responsible wardrobe !

Organic cotton

Organic cotton

1 recycled bottle

1 recycled bottle


Girls’ eco-friendly Terry Towel t-shirt

4 colours 4/6 Ans - 6/8 Ans - 8/10 Ans - 10/12 Ans

Towelling sets

Explore our Terry Towel sets for kids NS218/NS718 for boys and NS319/NS719 for girls. Available in fun, summery shades like Candy Rose and Apricot, or opt for a classic touch with Almond Green and Mineral Grey.

Kids’ linen: Comfortable, durable and elegant

Discover our brand-new range of customisable kids clothing, where linen makes its debut with the shirt (NS512) and bermuda shorts (NS709) set. Lightweight, soft, comfortable and durable, linen is the eco-responsible fabric par excellence.