Made in Portugal

At Native Spirit, environmental responsibility is at the heart of our design process. Proximity, quality and ethics make Portugal an ideal choice for sustainable production. Discover our selection of products made in Portugal.


It was in the 19th century that the first textile factories appeared in Portugal, a country known for its expertise in knit and leather. Thanks to increased consumer awareness, production methods changed and evolved to become more responsible and respectful.

Today, Portugal is recognised for its manufacturing methods. The factories are manageable in size, rely on traditional expertise, and produce in smaller quantities and with a higher quality.


There are many reasons for choosing Made in Portugal. First of all, Portugal stands out for its excellent reputation in manufacturing, thanks to its exceptional expertise . In addition, it guarantees good working conditions thanks to the European regulatory framework and excellent value for money .

Finally, by mastering all the links in the production chain, Portugal is able to offer a quick delivery. All while promoting green energy, renewable and solar energies powered by sun, heat, wind and waterfalls.


Did you know? The more locally a product is manufactured, the lower the impact of its transport to its place of consumption. As our storage and logistics warehouses are located in the South of France, Portugal is a good solution when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our environmental responsibility while benefiting from quality production.

Native Spirit products represent our desire to develop eco-friendly products with a focus on local design and European expertise . That's why our teams have designed capsule collections made entirely in Portugal in a workshop to the north of Porto. Check out our Terry Towel collections in towelling material and Terry 280 in faded colours, as well as a selection of on-trend essentials.