Respect for the highest social and environmental standards is deeply rooted in the values of Native Spirit.

In order to go even further in our CSR approach, in 2023 we are joining AMFORI, one of the leading associations for international businesses supporting open and sustainable trade.

Towards more sustainable fashion

AMFORI helps track our supply chain to make everyone involved more prosperous, to use natural resources responsibly and to promote open global trade. Ethical, transparent and sustainable, major challenges that begin right at the start of the chain. Correct application of standards linked to sustainable development can be checked through regular audits of our suppliers, such as BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and BEPI (Business Environmental Performance Initiative) audits.

Based on the BSCI Code of Conduct, we are committed to working with our suppliers to improve the social context and working conditions in their factories.

The BEPI audit service offers a practical framework aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our supply chain on aspects such as energy consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and managing chemical substances.

At Native Spirit, putting sustainable trade at the heart of our business is our priority.