Unisex. Colourful. Environmentally friendly.

Native Spirit unveils the iconic t-shirt from its first ultra-colourful collection: the NS300.

Happiness takes on the colours that inspire you.

Native Spirit makes quality clothing designed entirely from eco-friendly and natural materials. The brand has created a fashionable and timeless cut for the NS300 t-shirt: a colourful unisex garment available in 45 unique shades.

Discover the iconic NS300 t-shirt by Native Spirit.

Made from 100% organic cotton, the NS300 t-shirt proudly boasts GOTS* certification. This is a reliable guarantee for consumers because the organic origin of the fabric is subject to very strict criteria.

Each stage in the textile production chain is independently certified, from raw material harvesting to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing, and even labelling. Everything is monitored to respect the environment, workers and the consumer.

* The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate is issued by Ecocert Greenlife.

The NS300 t-shirt is washed with enzymes and made from combed cotton.

Enzyme washing is a special biopolishing treatment that makes fabrics clean, smooth and blemish-free, creating a surface that is soft to the touch and perfect for printing.

The combed cotton fibres have been lengthened in an additional mechanical combing process, making the fabric even softer and purer and guaranteeing consistent quality.

The obtained material is particularly flexible and pleasant to wear. The perfectly smooth surface allows for optimal decoration.

Finally, the NS300 t-shirt comes in 45 colourways that are either bright and vibrant or soft and dark. Mix, match or experiment with sizes and colours to create your look depending on how you feel that day. Playful or understated, gentle or voluptuous, combine pastel colours with bright or marl colours for an oversized or slim-fitted look.

Choose your colour and become an icon.