The chino

Native Spirit offers a collection of linen and organic cotton chinos. Light, comfortable, hard-wearing and always eco-friendly for a resolutely on-trend look. In chic or casual mode, they’re standing by for you to create a range of looks, depending on your taste.

What is a perfect chino?

Our chinos made from organic cotton and elastane are light and comfortable. Cotton (a basic) is suitable for any activity at any temperature. You may also want to opt for linen, extremely fashionable during the summer and no less comfortable (quite the contrary!).

The ultimate hybrid piece, chinos come in different cuts, making them suitable for any occasion. Regular, straight, relaxed or even slim fit, each cut corresponds to a different body type and style. There are plenty of different finishes: buttonholes, seams and pockets linings are meticulously worked to guarantee maximum durability.

Chinos are traditionally for men, but can now also be found in ladies’ wardrobes.

This must-have also comes in a short version for hot summer days (NS731, NS738, NS739).


Vous le savez, chez Native Spirit, on aime la couleur.

As you know, we love colour at Native Spirit.

Our collection of chinos includes a selection of muted and fruity shades for Men and Ladies: Pineapple, Pastel Apricot, Jade Green, Peach, Almond Green... Don’t panic, our timeless colours haven’t gone anywhere: Navy Blue, Black, Ivory, Organic Khaki...

Tip: pair coloured bottoms with a top in a more neutral shade.


The choice of materials we use when designing our clothing is key to responsible production. This is why our chinos are made from organic cotton, elastane and linen.

Linen, with its ability to regulate temperatures, will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Elastane makes the product tougher and more flexible. Organic cotton guarantees the durability and quality of the product. This collection includes several styles for Men and Ladies: NS705, NS708, NS730, NS734, NS736 and NS737.

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