Recycled Collection

It all starts with an observation, a vision, an idea.

Native Spirit offers an eco-friendly collection of clothing that is intended to be unique in the world of textiles. 100% recycled and environmentally friendly, the Recycled Collection is made from 55% recycled cotton and 45% recycled polyester.

Circular fashion

The textile industry is one of the world's biggest polluters. Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic waste are released into oceans and a great deal of unused textiles go to waste. A large amount of water, energy and chemicals are required to produce a piece of clothing, which is why, at Native Spirit, we have put a lot of thought into optimising our processes with the goal of minimising our impact on the planet. In accordance with our vision for circular fashion, we have developed the RECYCLED COLLECTION, made from 100% recycled materials.

sweat zippé ns412 unisexe
ns412 / ns411

Responsible production

We tackled the issue of the materials used in our clothes to minimise our environmental footprint and design a 100% recycled collection. This unique collection showcases innovative materials made from unused scraps of fabric left over from the production process, materials and clothes that have been through a first life, and plastic waste such as plastic bottles and fishing nets. This has resulted in a decrease in waste, but that's not all.

The use of existing materials significantly reduces water and electricity consumption and also limits the use of pesticides, fertiliser and chemicals while lowering CO2 emissions and saving energy.

A unique collection

The Recycled Collection is made of 45% post-consumer recycled polyester and 55% pre-consumer recycled cotton. The over-consumption of virgin materials is avoided, to create a sustainable collection.

The pieces are raw and authentic: the colour of the raw materials used determines the colour of the yarn and the garment, giving this collection a marled, natural look. T-shirt (NS310), crew neck sweatshirt (NS410), hooded sweatshirt (NS411), zipped jacket (NS412) and polo shirt (NS210): a selection of 5 basic pieces for men and women that are available in 4 exclusive colours.

t-shirt unisexe ns310


Post-consumer recycled content refers to materials or garments that have already been used. Worn textiles and plastic waste (plastic bottles and fishing nets) are given a second life to avoid the production of virgin materials.


Recycling scraps of raw materials in clothing production is known as pre-consumer recycling. We collect, create and weave new threads from recovered production scraps.


For its Recycled Collection, Native Spirit has drawn inspiration from the craft and design professions where know-how and experience give rise to a range of unique pieces. Painters, shapers, cabinetmakers, sculptors: where the recovery and transformation of materials lie at the heart of the profession, to breathe life into raw materials. A collection of unique colours, obtained using fibres from undyed recycled raw materials. Discover our colours: Recycled Anthracite Heather, Recycled Cream Heather, Recycled Navy Heather, Recycled Oxford Grey.