Raw natural 

Trendy and even more respectful of the environment, our Raw Natural clothes are undyed. The colourways vary according to the plant grown, making each garment in this selection a unique item.

A more respectful manufacturing process.

Raw Natural is the natural colour of cotton that comes directly from the cotton plant and is therefore uncoloured. At Native Spirit, we are committed to offering quality materials for more responsible fashion.

The objective being to sustain our manufacturing process over time and to offer you eco-friendly textiles.

Natural cotton

Besides its shade and texture, there are other advantages to adopting Raw Natural. Being undyed, this colour makes it possible to dispense with chemicals while reducing the consumption of water and energy during design, not to mention greenhouse gas emissions.

Matching easily with other colours, Raw Natural is proving to be a fashionable and eco-friendly choice.

Reflecting nature 

Our Raw Natural is a natural beige from the cotton plant; the fabric is textured with tiny seed particles. Discover the entire Raw Natural selection: NS305, NS400, NS401, NS700 and NS701.