Outdoor collection

Native Spirit took inspiration from nature’s most beautiful landscapes to bring you a practical and timeless outdoor collection to protect against the cold.

An ode to nature 

Our outdoor collection was designed for nature lovers. The choice of materials, colours and technical characteristics of the pieces combine to create comfortable, hard-wearing and on-trend garments. Parkas, jackets, down jackets and styles for men and women as well as unisex items that break down gender barriers. In short and long versions, sleeved and sleeveless, with and without hoods, our selection is available in various colourways inspired by the planet’s most beautiful landscapes to fulfil all of your wants and needs. 

Our outdoor collection pieces can be worn in all seasons. Discover our styles crafted from technical materials to combat the elements. Water repellent fabric for water that slides off the garment, waterproof material to stay dry and wind breaker textile: keep warm whatever the weather! 

True to our values 

Our pieces are made from eco-friendly, recycled and/or organic materials to reflect our commitment to producing garments that are kind to the planet. With this in mind, we have incorporated new materials, such as Sorona® in the composition of our down jackets and certified merino wool in our jumpers and knit accessories.

Our knit pieces

On-trend, comfortable and eco-friendly, our knits will keep you warm and cosy! Merino wool, Lyocell, organic cotton and recycled polyester are premium, high quality materials in line with our sustainable approach. The bonus: our merino wool is certified to guarantee environmentally friendly, cruelty-free manufacturing.

With cardigans, jumpers and accessories, knits have a special place in our collection.

Create to inspire

All Native Spirit styles are 100% no label for easy decoration access. The quality of the outer surface of our pieces lends itself to a wide range of textile marking techniques. From embroidery to patches, transfers and printing, our pieces are designed to help you transform your visions into reality!