At Native Spirit, we seek to create quality pieces from pre-used materials and textile scraps. The technical features and environmental benefits of recycled polyester are the main reasons why we have chosen to base our products on these fibres rather than their virgin counterparts.

Recycled polyester: new sustainable alternative for eco-friendly fashion.

Polyester is derived from plastic, which is manufactured from oil. Very polluting, a significant amount of energy is required to produce polyester. During its life cycle, polyester remains a polluting material as it releases microplastics each time it is washed. A derivative of plastic, it decomposes very slowly in the environment and may remain in nature for years in the same way as plastic bottles in the ocean. To avoid throwing out these worn textiles that pollute our planet, we have decided to extend their life cycle by using them to make our range of recycled products.

We now include recycled polyester in our clothing to give scraps of unused material a chance, recover plastic waste and give a second life to worn clothing. We ensure the traceability and integrity of these raw materials throughout the production chain to guarantee the composition of our clothing. Discover our clothing collection made entirely with recycled materials: RECYCLED RAW SPIRIT. Polo shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts made from 55% recycled cotton and 45% recycled polyester. For more information on the recycled materials used in our products, see the Ethical Labels section in OUR PROMISE.

Polyester recycle
Polyester recycle

Our clothing is made from recycled raw materials and recovered waste.

This is the story of polyester recycling.

There are two types of recycled polyester: pre-consumer polyester and post-consumer polyester.

So-called post-consumer materials come from consumer waste generated by households or by industries and businesses in their end-user role. This includes material returns from the distribution chain. Pre-consumer products come from waste generated during a manufacturing process. Thus, recycled polyester may come from different sources of recycling: textile production scraps, plastic bottles or worn clothing.

Polyester recycling allows us to recover the waste that pollutes the oceans and give it a second life. For example, 11 x 50 cl bottles were recycled to make our unisex RIDER sweatshirt (NS410). The plastic bottles in the ocean are collected by fishermen and taken to recycling organisations which shred them into flakes. These flakes are then ground down into granules. The granules are then melted into thread. Finally, this thread is woven to create the fabric used in recycled clothing design.

Polyester recycle