Among environmentally friendly materials, Modal is one of the most widely used natural fibres.

This fibre is produced by spinning wood cellulose fibres, mostly from beechwood. Cellulose is an organic substance that makes up cell walls. Modal is spun from these fibres, which are artificial plant-based fibres rather than synthetic. This process and composition produce a fabric that is very similar to viscose. But it’s a lot better. We’ll explain.

Environmentally friendly, natural and hard-wearing: modal is the most versatile material around.

Softer, smoother and more hard-wearing than viscose, Modal is a very popular choice in the production of eco-friendly textiles. Thanks to its low environmental impact, it is one of the most ethical and ecological materials in the world.

The primary benefit of modal is its ability to absorb moisture while keeping you feeling dry. Modal is twice as hygroscopic as cotton. What is a hygroscopic fabric? This means a substance that tends to retain moisture from the air, either by absorption or by adsorption.

Ladies’ short-sleeved crew-neck t-shirt Modal
Ladies’ short-sleeved crew-neck t-shirt Modal

Modal is used to make a soft and hard-wearing fabric.

Modal has a great many qualities, which make it a very soft, sturdy fabric that can be used to make comfortable and durable clothing. Its stable and elastic properties mean it also has excellent resistance to heat.

Hard-wearing, absorbent, and long-lasting – discover our attractive feminine tops made from Modal.

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Clothing made from modal is easy to wash and the fibres dry very easily. Our modal garments do not warp or shrink.

The silky, shiny appearance of the material is retained even after a lot of washes, for extremely long-lasting quality and comfort.

Modal feels silky smooth to the touch so it doesn’t need much ironing.

Last but not least, garments made of modal are very comfortable to wear and are kind to skin because this fabric is so breathable.

Ladies’ short-sleeved crew-neck t-shirt Modal