Merino wool is made from the fine down of merino sheep and it is spun, dyed and sorted according to its quality. It is then knitted to form a wool fabric: jumper, neckwarmer or beanie. You name it! With its thermoregulatory and antibacterial properties, merino wool is ideal as a "second skin".

Merino wool: renewable, biodegradable and natural

Merino wool (and wool in general) decomposes very easily in the environment. It does not discharge any micro-particles into the earth or the oceans as it degrades (unlike synthetic materials).

During its growth, it releases valuable nutrients, such as nitrogen, sulphur and magnesium, which help to fertilise the soil and promote plant growth. This material can even be used as fertilizer to grow herbs or vegetables!

Pull en laine mérinos responsable femme NS920
Pull en laine mérinos responsable femme


What is RWS certification? It is a Responsible Wool Standard that applies to sheep farming.

It includes a system of traceability, from the farmer to the end product, to ensure that the production process respects the welfare of the sheep and the land. Animal welfare is defined according to five criteria: sufficient space, absence of stress, access to food and water, care in case of illness or injury, and resting space.

A fibre with numerous advantages

Merino wool presents extraordinary natural properties. Furthermore, these properties are sometimes imitated when creating synthetic fibres. A 100% natural, thermoregulating, antibacterial and hypoallergenic fibre.

The result is a superior fabric that is much finer and softer than classic wool, which is synonymous with style and comfort. The pros? The elastic properties of merino fibre make it particularly crease resistant (it’s goodbye to ironing!).

In conclusion, the wool used in our products is manufactured with respect for the environment and animal welfare, and it is recognised for its quality, its thermoregulatory properties and its softness. Find all our merino wool products NS012, NS013, NS910 and NS920.

Pull en laine mérinos responsable femme