Jute is a natural plant-based material. Biodegradable, resistant and recyclable, jute fibre does not require fertilisers or pesticides to grow and it emits little CO2.

Jute: an environmentally-friendly, good quality plant fibre.

Jute is a natural material whose highly resistant fibre has been used in the textile industry for years. Obtained from the bark of the jute plant, this biodegradable and recyclable plant material has even been nicknamed the "golden fibre"!

Hessian is a natural material that has been used for many years in various fields such as decoration, gardening, construction, transport and of course fashion. Grown in lowland tropical areas, this biodegradable fibre requires little fertiliser or pesticides.



Thanks to its strong fibre, this natural material is ideal for making shopping and other bags that need to be hard wearing (for example, for a day at the beach, going to the market or even going away for the weekend). In fact, jute fibre has largely overtaken linen and hemp in bag production.

Another interesting characteristic is that jute can be used alone or mixed with other materials. This possibility allows for a diverse range of variations in terms of design!

Toile de jute

Jute cultivation improves air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. It also improves land quality as the plant's waste products are mixed in with the soil to create fertiliser that is beneficial for the next crop. Unlike plastic or polyethylene, its production is non-polluting.

Moreover, its cultivation requires little surface area and therefore few chemical products. Jute fibre is not only biodegradable, but also recyclable! One hectare of this plant consumes almost 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and then releases 11 tonnes of oxygen through photosynthesis.

Before considering the aesthetic aspect of our products, we will give some thought to their ethics. Jute is entirely consistent with our fair trade principles, in harmony with a responsible and sustainable way of life. Like hemp and linen, this natural material enjoys major ecological qualities.

Benefitting from a natural visual appearance, jute is used to produce elegant and environmentally-friendly bags.

Because a commitment to a fairer textile economy does not have to mean a compromise on style, Native Spirit encourages you to add hessian to your basket.