NS401 Surfer Unisex hooded sweatshirt


Colour with organic, recycled and natural materials: that’s our promise. Our collections offer a variety of colours, each rarer and more exceptional than the next.

Our teams have paid special attention to the shades used to dye our clothing: volcanic and lunar greys, shades from ocean blue to sky blue, Amazonian greens, and soft, fruity colours; these are just some of the many hues and possibilities found in nature that have inspired us to develop meticulous colourways for each piece in our Colour Spirit and Ocean Side Spirit collections.

Whether you’re going to work, heading off on holiday, taking a walk in the outdoors or simply chilling at home, the Colour Spirit collection by Native Spirit can bring the colour and softness you need for all your activities. Proudly wear the colours that inspire and best represent you: shades of blue, green, pink and beige are sure to offer you something to match your personality.

Happiness takes on the colours that inspire you.

As you know, colours have a direct influence on how we think and the way we see the world. We’re not going to claim we can bring sparkle to your 2021, but we do hope we can add touches of colour and creativity to your daily life: our iconic LEGEND t-shirt (NS300) comes in 35 bright and unmistakable colours that can also be understated and mysterious.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton

5 recycled bottles

5 recycled bottles


Unisex sweatshirt - 350gsm

23 colours XXS - XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL - 3XL - 4XL


For the more cautious among you, the Ocean Side Spirit is gaining ground with sweatshirts that are more than just comfortable: the crew neck DRIFTER or hooded SURFER, both unisex, come in 17 fresh and classic colours. The lighter tones include Aquamarine, derived from sky blue to bring a natural tone to the collection alongside the pale and soft Almond Green and Wet Sand, a deep beige inspired by the incoming tide, not forgetting Ivory, a soft and dazzling pearly white.

In colours we trust

NS401 Surfer Unisex hooded sweatshirt
NS300 Legend Unisex short-sleeved t-shirt