2024 Collection

Native Spirit’s 2024 collection of customisable clothing is inspired by a blend of casual wear, streetwear and sportswear. Dropped shoulders, layering, a relaxed look: in 2024, Native Spirit has opted for mixed materials to create modern silhouettes and a more distinctive look. Discover multi-purpose, colourful, eco-friendly and 100% no-label pieces to bring all your projects to life!

A sustainable collection

Discover our clothing for men, women and kids, made from eco-friendly materials with trendy cuts and colours inspired by nature. Key pieces from our 2024 collection include the NS430, NS431, NS435 and NS436 100% organic cotton sweatshirts, the NS308 oversized T-shirt in French Terry, the NS603 corduroy jacket and the NS604 sherpa jacket. A 100% no-label selection with full decoration access, designed for all types of textile marking. Your creativity is the limit!

Limitless decoration!