At Native Spirit, we pay particular attention to the composition of our clothing and accessories. When it comes to the composition of our products, we aim to bring you the best, highest quality and toughest options to help you live more sustainably and ethically. This is why we have chosen to make some of our bags from seagrass: the hardest wearing plant fibre.

A material with multiple qualities.

Made from the fibres of an aquatic plant found in freshwater and saltwater estuaries, seagrass is one of the toughest materials on the plant fibre “market”.

Seagrass is a natural fibre of marine origin that takes its name from the fact that it grows in floodplains. It stands at an average height of 50cm when fully grown. Once harvested, the fibre is dried, spun and then woven. Its different weaves have made it a real must-have for consumers looking for authenticity and naturalness.

Like all the materials we offer, seagrass fulfils all the qualities of the ideal plant “fabric”: healthy, ecological, tough, sustainable, flame retardant and antistatic.

Still not enough? Seagrass, which comes from an aquatic plant, grows with its roots in the water. This “immersion” makes it insensitive to moisture and completely waterproof. Perfect for rainy weather !


Seagrass: very easy-care

Contrary to popular belief, seagrass is very easy-care. Water, but not too much, is all you need. To look after the fibre and help it keep its natural colour, we recommend protecting your bags from light.

    Speaking of colour, natural origin means a natural look! Seagrass fibre varies in shades of beige depending on the age of the plant and the climatic harvesting conditions. It is completely in keeping with the nude trend and can be combined with a wide range of different colours. It is also well suited to both men and women.

    NS Jonc de mer

    We are all aware that the textile industry is now the world’s most polluting. It is therefore vital that alternative textiles and materials be found in order to bring new solutions to the market.

    It is with this in mind that, at Native Spirit, we strive to offer plant-based, eco-responsible and increasingly tough materials, such as seagrass.

    We are committed to making clothing and accessories with an environmental impact that does more to respect the planet so that fashion and ethics no longer have to be incompatible.